Episode 9 – April 2016 3

In this episode we talk about our Scoop of the Month and our Poop of the Month – our reactions may surprise you.

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  1. Negotiating Prices
  2. ‘Where To Go To Be Bad’


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Episode 07 – January 2016

In this episode we talk about creating material, customising for your audience, how to begin writing a show, the intentional miss, ‘Bairn Theory’ and how to apply it to improve your existing routines – and of course we have more fun with the first ever Mentalism Chew Off plus some of your favourite games.

Episode 04 – August 2015

In this episode we talk about Lexicology, Perfect Time and Peek Performances plus your usual fun and games. Oh and a confession to you, our dear listeners.

Episode 03 – July 2015 (Live at MINDS) 1

It’s been a busy month for the three of us, so we apologise for the late posting of this, Episode 3 of the 3 Mentalists Walked In To A Podcast.

All of your favourite features, plus we recorded this LIVE at Michael Murray’s MINDS event in Newcastle – so you’ll hear special guests made appearances too. Join us:

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We’ve Listened To Our Listeners 3

We’re still new at this Podcast thing – and we are learning with each episode.

This month’s learning curve  has been about how many people love to download our Podcast using iTunes.

So, by very popular demand we’ve decided that the full episodes WILL be available through iTunes directly – and of course the Podcast will remain free – thanks to our sponsors.

Remember this is a Podcast by Mentalists, for Mentalists. We are very interested in what you have to say. You can always comment and contribute through the comments below, via Twitter and Facebook.

We’re really looking forward to the next episode!

– Atlas, Kennedy and Looch

Episode 2 – June 2015 1

In this episode, the 3 Mentalists talk about:

  • How to choose the right volunteer for each routine
  • The Skeeter by John Riggs
  • Force 4 by Wayne Rogers
  • Spacial Anchoring
  • Adapting on the fly
  • How to get the best reaction from your peek

Plus we address some questions from listeners. (You can interact with us to @3mentalists on Twitter and www.facebook.com/3mentalists

The password for this episode is, in lower-case the answer to: ‘What does the B stand for in IBM’ (NOT the computer company, this is magic)

This episode is sponsored by:

Michael Murray's Mind FX
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